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Clergy Summer School 2023

The Southport School
2 Winchester St
Southport  Qld  4215

Clergy Summer School returns this January with guest speakers The Rev’d Bosco Peters, who will share some exciting ways to journey through ‘The Way of the Desert’, and The Rev’d Dr Ruth Mathieson, who will explore some thoughts on the Gospel of Matthew. The program also includes a social interest session, with Angligreen discussing ways parishes and individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. View the conference program and flyer. Register online.

Features The Rev'd Peter Moore is the Chair of Angligreen Features

Season of Creation: “Listen to the Voice of Creation”

“I love waking early, lying in bed and hearing the birds in the garden and, when I can get away camping, hearing the morning chorus. It makes a great start to the day. On my daily walk in the late afternoon I often hear the birds, insects and frogs marking the end of the day. These experiences help connect me to nature. Whether I am in suburbia or in the bush – it is the same voice of creation that I hear,” says The Rev’d Peter Moore, Chair of Angligreen

"The Forest Underground also offers an authentic example of Christians living under difficult conditions, while still being open to hearing the intertwined voices of Country and of God" (Chair of Angligreen, The Rev'd Peter Moore)
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The Forest Underground

“Tony Rinaudo’s literally groundbreaking method of reforesting millions of hectares of land without planting a single tree was later named Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration,” says Chair of Angligreen, The Rev’d Peter Moore


Earth Overshoot Day: 29 July 2021

“How do we #MoveTheDate back without being forced to by a pandemic? There are effective and affordable solutions. We can accelerate their implementation by sharing knowledge of what works and bringing people together,” reflects The Rev’d Peter Moore, Chair of Angligreen


Living in the light: myth-busting multi-national malarkey

“Over the years, Adani has tried to convince us that digging up coal from our Galilee Basin to ship to India would help lift millions of people out of poverty and that we should therefore not oppose the project. Nothing could be further from the truth,” say Peter Branjerdporn, The Rev’d Peter Moore and Cathy Delaney