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Black Lives Matter

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Keeping the irony in atonement

“So how do we talk about Jesus’ death in a way that keeps the irony necessary for a crucifixion to be good news? Perhaps we begin by leaving to one side all the theories and staying with the narratives in the gospels. The basic structure of those narratives is that Jesus returns from death and seeks out relationship with those who in one way or another participated in his death, starting with those most intimate to him,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College

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Solidarity – in praise of ‘wokeness’

“Solidarity is about a journey into seeing how the world looks to those who are oppressed, and seeking to walk alongside those who are trying to shape the world into a place of equality and justice. Those who stand in solidarity seek to learn from those they walk alongside, and they are also challenged to see what role they also play in the oppression of others. This is as true for me as it is for others,” says National Aboriginal Bishop and Gurindji man Chris McLeod


Harmony Day: celebrating with courage

“Let us recognise that we are all connected and that it is through our diversity and our shared values of compassion and a fair-go for all that make us Australians,” says Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Multicultural Program Coordinator and former refugee Claire Uwimana


Words of life for those on the Way

“In my study hangs another reminder of The Southern Cross vessel – the Australian Naval pennant from 1941 when the mission ship was requisitioned during World War II. While The Southern Cross was used mainly for troop and cargo transport, the naval pennant hanging in my study serves as a constant reminder of how we are able to use even the best of things for purposes for which they were never intended,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves