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Church history

William Barber memorial stone in Holy Trinity Church Wickwar, Gloucestershire, England, circa 1861
People & History

Research enquiry sets off voyage into Diocese’s early history

For Diocesan Archivist Michael Rogers, a recent enquiry sent to the Records and Archives Centre has highlighted a forgotten part of early Diocesan history and spotlighted the links between a current parishioner’s family and the group that accompanied Bishop Edward Wyndham Tufnell to Brisbane in 1860

People & History

My tribute to reluctant prophet, Albert Nolan OP

“I did the two-year whites-only compulsory military conscription as a ‘religious non-combatant’, but when required to do continuous military service one month per year, thanks to Albert Nolan and his contemporaries, I found the courage to declare myself a conscientious objector in the late 1980s, risking jail and worse,” says The Rev’d Nic Denny-Dimitriou


Fellowship, fonts and tough decisions on the fly

“By and large the business of the Synod is conducted with kindness and good humour and there is a real sense of wanting to find agreement on even the most difficult of matters. This year one of those difficult matters involved the font size used when displaying motions and amendments and the colour used when highlighting text changes. Furious debate ensued and the President of the Synod had to make some tough decisions on the fly,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Homilies & Addresses

The Parish of Yeronga: centenary address

“There have been many amazing priests who have served as caretakers of our Lord’s home here at Christ Church, Yeronga. I think one should be remembered for his ability to serve our Lord with a significant disability. The Rev’d AW Gilbert had only one arm, but this did not deter him from any of his duties, including riding his bicycle around the parish back in 1923,” said Christ Church, Yeronga parishioner Mary Neeve in her recent centenary address