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Who was ‘The Blessed’ Bishop John Oliver Feetham?

“In 1961, the Diocese of North Queensland decided to commemorate a man who, though he had died 14 years earlier, loomed large in the Anglican community in that region…He came to be known as ‘The Blessed’ John Oliver Feetham…and is commemorated on 15 September each year in A Prayer Book for Australia. His remarkable life and connection to our Diocese are certainly worth commemorating,” says Archives Researcher Adrian Gibb

"Fay and I had a wonderful wedding day, celebrated at our own home in Townsville with family and friends in 1979"
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with former ABM missionary, carpentry enthusiast and grandfather, The Ven. Jim Nolan

Meet The Ven. Jim Nolan, who recently retired after 50 years of priestly ministry, and find out about his unusual childhood experiences, the highlights of his ministry, where he does his best thinking, how prayer and silence orientate him and the various clergy and lay people who have made an impact on him