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Eucharistic Service

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What is the priest’s role in the Eucharist?

Hear Archbishop Phillip Aspinall explain the presiding role of the priest in the Eucharist: “In the Eucharist the priest presides over the rite and the ritual, exercising that leadership role in the community that has many facets to it…the president doesn’t do everything, but the president kind of holds it together”

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall on his visit to St Margaret’s Anglican Church at Sandgate in August 2018, chatting with members of the Tongan Anglican Worshipping Community, The Rev’d Eleanor Mancini (second from left) and the Lo’amanu family, who welcomed the Ministry of the Word in the hospitable Tongan tradition of song and dance

Priest and bishop’s daughter translates liturgy into Tongan

“It is so important for people to worship in their vernacular because worship and life are the same. They are God’s gifts. We worship in the language that God has gifted us,” says The Rev’d Eleanor Mancini


The role and function of Online Liturgical Assistants

“After a few months of ‘digital church’, our Parish Council realised that those attending church online were a congregation in their own right and would benefit from support just like the usual face-to-face congregation, so the concept of an ‘Online LA’ was born,” says Sarah Gover from the Parish of North Pine