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Keeping the home fires burning — a very long way from home

“I have shared something of my culture here with you — how muiy (fire) gives physical and spiritual strength to my people. I have shared this from the warmth that I have for you in my heart. I encourage you to similarly share with someone this NAIDOC Week something of your culture, speaking from the warmth in your own heart. What keeps your pride in your culture burning?” asks Aunty Dr Rose Elu


Archbishop Jeremy Greaves on Torres Strait Islander 4MW (Meriba Wakai) Radio

“Seeing for myself just how serious the issue is in some places and the damage that has been done and the struggle for people to get people to listen and particularly Government to commit to proper funding to help with the…seawalls and sandbags and to do that properly…We saw the coastal erosion and heard stories about where the beach used to be and the houses that are no longer there because the land has become so eroded. In a couple of places we saw where the bones of ancestors had been washed out to sea,” says Archbishop Jeremy Greaves in his 4MW Radio interview with Aunty Jen Enosa


"The first Easter I remember"

“As a community, after the Easter Day service we celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with a big kai kai (feast). People from all over the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea (which was then still administered by Australia) came via sailing canoes rather than by motor boats, bringing seafood, taro, sweet potato, casava, sago and other traditional foods. We then had traditional dancing with men wearing headdresses made of emu feathers and women wearing grass skirts,” says Uncle Milton Walit from NATSIAC and The Parish of Laidley

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My experience navigating the Anglican Church as a Torres Strait Islander person

“I also often invite other Anglicans to see that Torres Strait Islander Christians are Christians in our own way. We seamlessly blend our ancient sovereign ways and knowledges as Traditional Custodians with the wider Church’s ways and knowledges. For example, as part of my baptism as a baby, my mum removed my clothing and nappy and held me up in the sea breeze to be sprayed, to first be blessed, by the malu (ocean). She then took me to the church for the service,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu

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“It’s impossible to watch a film like Limbo and not consider the socio-political dimensions of its story and how racial injustice leads to inter-generational trauma and ongoing disadvantage,” says Ben Rogers