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Events Inter-faith people holding a "Praying for Gaza' sign at a prayer vigil in the city Events

Gathering to pray for Gaza: Brisbane inter-faith vigil #3

King George Square
Outside Brisbane City Hall

(An alternative venue will be announced in the case of wet weather)


Gather with Anglican clergy and inter-faith leaders from different SEQ communities to pray for the people of Gaza, especially for a permanent ceasefire and a just peace. Between 2pm and the 3pm vigil commencing, inter-faith leaders will read the names of people (from their respective professions) who have been killed since October, including doctors, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, teachers and faith leaders. Please bring friends, colleagues and family members; a cushion; prayer beads or other prayer item; and, open hearts. See more.

Justice & Advocacy Doctor in scrubs sitting on a park bench Justice & Advocacy

What is happening to Christian and Muslim Palestinians in Gaza and how can we help them?

“As a doctor, it is amazing to see how efficiently resources are mobilised here in Australia when an unwell or injured child comes into our emergency departments…But no resources are accessible to Palestinian children in Gaza — hospitals have been intentionally destroyed and humanitarian medical aid intentionally blocked. Children in Gaza are being left to die hungry and in pain. Why? Because Israel and its allies deem it acceptable since these children were born Palestinian. As a Palestinian and as a doctor my heart breaks every day I am unable to stop this from happening to my people,” says Dr Ahmad Abou-Sweid


Second "Praying for Gaza" Brisbane inter-faith vigil: rolling the scroll of children's names to bagpipe music

On Saturday 27 April 2024, 50 recognised faith leaders participated in a second “Praying for Gaza” inter-faith vigil in the Brisbane CBD, either reading names of children who have tragically died in Gaza and Israel since October, reciting from holy books or leading intercessory prayers. This video shows the rolling of the scroll of children’s names, including 4,000 of the 15,000 names of Palestinian children who have been killed in Gaza. Palestinian Christian Colette (whose family is from Jerusalem) and Muslim Palestinian Sameer (who has lost nearly 40 family members in Gaza) rolled the scroll of names, with the assistance of Anglican and other community members, as bagpiper Camille played


WCC condemns killing of aid workers in Gaza

World Council of Churches general secretary The Rev’d Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay condemned the killing of aid workers in Gaza, and extended condolences to the families and friends who are in shock and mourning upon hearing the news that an Israeli airstrike killed seven people working for World Central Kitchen


Bishop Cam Venables' Maundy Thursday 2024 poem

“The elements of THAT Thursday include a bowl and towel, and wine and bread, and the knowledge He said, ‘Whenever you do this…remember me’, before His plea to simply love…The appalling injustice of ‘Good Friday’ is not something from long ago, it is happening even now,” says Bishop Cam Venables in his Maundy Thursday poem


"There is hope on Palm Sunday"

“For the past six months I’ve had a very heavy sadness upon me as I watched the conflict in Gaza unfold…I think the cracks are beginning to appear in the edifice. And it’s because the population of the world can see what’s happening and is beginning to name it for what it is — it is genocide. That word is now being used freely…The cracks are beginning to appear here and it’s all because politicians actually do not lead…They’re followers, and our job is to point the direction to them…There is hope on Palm Sunday because people actually care…People come out and they stand up and policy does get changed…The cause is just,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt