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General Synod

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A letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

“Not only have you held positions of responsibility, but you have exercised those positions with great dedication even when that dedication has been at your personal cost. You have led the church through times of significant challenge and your attention has constantly been on the mission of the church,” says a letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall AC, which was read by Bishop Cam Venables on the occasion of the Archbishop’s farewell

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia was held on the Gold Coast between 8 and 13 May 2022 after being postponed twice due to COVID-19

The General Synod: outcomes and personal reflections

“Thank you for your prayers for the recently concluded session of the General Synod, which was held on the Gold Coast between 8 and 13 May after being postponed twice due to COVID-19. I write to inform you of some important outcomes and to offer some personal reflections,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


General Synod and comprehensive Anglicanism

“In Southern Queensland we have set as a key focus area the promoting of ‘comprehensive Anglican identity and purpose.’ This approach recognises that there will be different convictions, understandings and priorities among Anglicans. And it is likely that each of these perspectives includes insights into the truth. This means that in order to comprehend the whole truth we need these various insights and perspectives to be present and engaged,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall, as General Synod approaches


Mothers Union: so much more than cups of tea

“Mothers Union advocates and campaigns at local, national and international levels to see these changes become a reality. Members are passionate about issues of social justice, communicating with governments and decision makers, and collaborating with other charities and organisations to help bring a united voice for change,” says Diocesan Mothers Union President Bev Perry


National Anglican Family Violence Research Report released

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Australia has made 10 Commitments to prevent and respond to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), after undertaking the first known Australian Church study into the prevalence of IPV within its faith community