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Tips for reducing clothing waste

“We know that what we are doing now, and will do in the future, is contributing greatly to the circular economy and the environment, even in ways we may not be able to see directly right now,” says Year 10 Hillbrook Anglican School student Ella Zeeman, while offering tips for families and students

Year 11 Hillbrook student Mikayla Daley, Anglicare's Tiffany Berg, Year 11 Hillbrook student Emily Said and Chaplain David Adams with some of the 90 backpacks that Hillbrook students donated to the Anglicare Backpack Project for children in out-of-home care in September 2021

Hillbrook Anglican School gives 90 backpacks to the Anglicare Backpack Project

Students and Early Learning Centre children from Hillbrook Anglican School recently participated in the Anglicare Backpack Project, providing 90 backpacks filled with essential items for children going into out-of-home care


Hillbrook students recycle school uniforms into desks and dog beds

As Hillbrook Anglican School sets the goal of becoming 90 per cent circular across its operations by 2030, three Hillbrook students tell us about how they have partnered with Worn Up to recycle school uniforms into desks and dog beds, while sharing tips on how other schools can improve their sustainability

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Girl in Between

Year 11 Hillbrook student Isabella Gockel reviews a novel, set in Rockhampton, which offers reassurance to today’s adolescents through its relatable characters, comedic take, and exploration of themes commonly encountered by our modern-day teenagers


Hermione the wonder dog

Hillbrook Anglican School’s new therapy dog Hermione, named after the iconic book series character Hermione Granger, is winning students’ hearts and calming minds