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Holy Week

Video Video of Bishop John giving his Palm Sunday message Video

Bishop John Roundhill's Palm Sunday 2022 message

“A man called Bashkim had been walking for two days trying to get out of Kosovo after becoming separated from his family who had fled. At the side of the road he sees a torn photo, and upon picking it up discovers that the girl with fair hair and blue eyes pictured there is none other than his own daughter…Photo by photo, fragment by fragment he and 150 other men who had also been separated from their families were led up a trail into the mountains to be reunited with their families,” says Bishop John Roundhill, as he reflects on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem


The Rev'd Canon Sarah Plowman's Maundy Thursday 2022 message

“The Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services are not separate events, but are one liturgy, broken in the middle by a long night where solitary contemplation and prayer are the vehicles for each of us to wrestle with the violence and injustice of Jesus’ trial and punishment. There are some things that are only understood from within our own skin, knowing our own injustices and our own response to the violence we see in the world,” says The Rev’d Canon Sarah Plowman


Bishop Jeremy Greaves' Good Friday 2022 message

“A great deal of ink, and even blood, has been spilled trying to make sense of the cross and why God might let an innocent man die in such a horrific way…It seems to me that rather than debate the merits or otherwise of one theory over another, it is better on Good Friday to simply hear the story… to hear the story of Good Friday and let it speak into our life here and now,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Bishop Cam Venables’ Holy Saturday 2022 message

“In the Easter story it’s helpful to remember/that resurrection new life/did not arrive quickly/and that disciples, family, and friends/were crushed – shattered – nothing mattered!/The tomb was sealed/and all hope of justice/through future kingdom/had been crushed –shattered…/nothing mattered, anymore!” says Bishop Cam Venables in his Holy Saturday poem


The blessings of joining Holy Hermits Online: growing and serving from the comfort of your own home

“The benefits of joining Holy Hermits Online vary from person to person, and include convenience, simplicity, flexibility and COVID-19 safety, especially for people in high-risk demographics. Unlike YouTube live streaming, Zoom allows those attending to be more actively engaged, as we interact as an online community and participate in services much like we do offline,” says Jeremy Fraser from Holy Hermits Online


Toowoomba Anglican School Easter drama

In partnership with St Bart’s, Toowoomba, students from Toowoomba Anglican School narrate and reenact the Easter story, based on Mark’s Gospel, in this special video filmed at the school’s main campus