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John Roberto

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Hey, can you please explain ‘TikTokers’ to me?

“Research shows that when a child is named, intentionally included and encouraged by five adults in a church congregation, they will start to feel at home in their parish community,” says St Francis College’s Fiona Hammond, while suggesting a number of helpful conversation kick-starter questions

St Mathew’s Anglican Church, Sherwood parishioners wearing their ‘listening ears’ at Messy Church while exploring the theme of Eli and Samuel and listening to God

Reflections on John Roberto: reimagining faith formation

John Roberto, as keynote speaker at our recent Clergy and Lay Conferences, spoke about reimagining faith formation for the 21st century – four conference participants share their reflections on engaging digital technologies and media, how to embrace change, the benefits of intergenerational approaches and how a faith-based school culture can nourish families and staff


Faith formation for a new and exciting era

The triennial Provincial Clergy and Lay Conferences were recently held, with author and faith formation expert John Roberto presenting as key speaker – local clergy and lay leaders summarise Roberto’s key ideas and the potentially rich application of these for our Diocese