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Director, Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry

Jonathan Kemp

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Jonathan Kemp is the ACSQ’s Director of Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry, based at St Francis College, Milton and he enjoys worshiping with the East Redland Anglicans. He has a Masters degree in Education from USQ and is currently completing a Bachelor of Theology through St Francis College, as part of the Formation for Ordination program.

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Camping out at the aged-care home

“By sharing in Communion together, everyone gained a new and deeper understanding of what it means to say, ‘We are the Body of Christ, for we all share in the one bread’,” says Director of Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry Jonathan Kemp on the recent Senior Ichthus Camp visit to a retirement village

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International Youth Day

12 August 2019 is International Youth Day, a day first designated by the UN General Assembly in 1999: in this joint feature, clergy and lay people across our Diocese share their thoughts on the 2019 International Youth Day theme ‘Transforming Education’


Faith formation for a new and exciting era

The triennial Provincial Clergy and Lay Conferences were recently held, with author and faith formation expert John Roberto presenting as key speaker – local clergy and lay leaders summarise Roberto’s key ideas and the potentially rich application of these for our Diocese