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"The value of attentive listening can’t be overestimated" (Ken Willett)

Opportunistic acts of kindness: “heroism in the daily rhythm” of life

“Opportunistic acts of kindness, which I call ‘OAK’, are a way of loving others, as set out in ‘the golden rule’ of treating others as we would like to be treated…The acronym ‘OAK’ reminds us that oak trees have historically symbolised qualities underpinning kind actions,” says Cathedral community member Ken Willett


Making back to school a little easier

Students from The Glennie School have made returning to school a little easier for some Toowoomba families by donating stationery items and funds to Rockville, Newtown and Harlaxton State Schools


Blessings Bench and Kindness Path initiated by St Hilda’s students

Three very special St Hilda’s School students tell us about their Blessings Bench and Kindness Path initiatives, inspiring others with their insights into the meaning of friendship and the importance of kindness: “Kindness is an important part of being a good friend and friends are such a big part of life and are always there for you. It is important to show kindness to everyone because we don’t know what people are going through. Even just a little act, like a smile, can make a difference and make people feel safe and welcome”