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Bishop Cam Venables' Maundy Thursday 2021 message

“He took a bowl and a towel and he washed the feet of his disciples…Sometimes I think we may have missed the point when Jesus said, ‘Serve each other in the same way that I am serving you now.’ Sometimes I think in today’s world we’d say, ‘Don’t think that you’re too important not to do the things that everyone else takes for granted. So take your turn cleaning the toilet, doing the ironing, doing the washing, cutting the grass, doing those nitty gritty things that in lots of ways we take for granted in family life and in community life,” says Bishop Cam Venables

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Bishop Jeremy Greaves' Holy Saturday 2021 message

“Because we don’t really talk much about Holy Saturday in the Church these days and we tend to fill it with church working bees or preparation for Easter, we like Good Friday – ‘Jesus died for us’; we really like Easter Sunday – ‘Jesus rose again from the dead!’; but we don’t like Holy Saturday – ‘the death of God’,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves as he reflects on a famous TIME magazine cover


Giving up blood for Lent

“The experience of donating blood during Lent reminded me that the Church’s seasons are truly enriching for those who choose to immerse in them, for they serve as a bridge which carries the life, mission and hope of the ancient Christian faith into our present reality,” says Liturgical Assistant and Ministry Intern, Dylan Katthagen from The Lakes Anglican Church


Head, heart and hands: a Lenten invitation

“When I was invited to put together a Lenten study by the people at Grassroots Resources, I wanted to give people a taste of what it might be like to be intentional about practising the faith. Each week, alongside the reflections on the Gospel reading set for each Sunday in Lent, I introduce a particular practice – there are six in all,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


NCCA President's reflection

“As the poets say, the world is made up of stories! For me, these are stories of moments and people of grace in daily life. Noticing and sharing such moments help us keep ‘droving into the light’, as believers in the good news which Jesus proclaims in today’s Gospel,” says Bishop Philip Huggins as he shares four inspirational stories with us


Marking Lent with our children

“So this Lent I’d like to challenge us to help our children lay down something, in order to pick up something else. Rather than just cutting something out of our lives…let’s take something out specifically to put something more beneficial in,” says teacher, mum and Resource Church St Andrew’s, Springfield Music Coordinator Penny Howchin