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Palliative care

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National Palliative Care Week: catching up with Clinical Care Coordinator, Teryna

Palliative care is important for helping someone leave this life in the best way possible. For patients, it’s about a pain-free and peaceful departure. Knowing that their loved one is at peace in their final stages of life can also help relieve the anxiety families may feel about their imminent loss. Thank you to all palliative care staff for the important work that you do!

Reflections The Rev'd Canon Cheryl Selvage Reflections

Celebrating the baptism of a palliative care patient

“When I arrived at the patient’s bedside, I found him struggling for breath and on oxygen and yet delighted to see me. I introduced myself, explaining that I was from Pastoral Care. I needed to repeat this for him because N95 fitted masks and shields, along with general ward noise, often make it very hard to communicate these days. He very clearly responded that he was very pleased to see me, stating that he had been waiting a long time for such a conversation – seven years in fact,” says hospital chaplain, The Rev’d Canon Cheryl Selvage


Religious leaders' joint statement on high-quality end-of-life care

As the Queensland Parliament continues its inquiry into palliative care and voluntary assisted dying, Archbishop Phillip Aspinall has signed a joint statement on the provision of end-of-life care, along with 15 other Queensland religious leaders. They are uniformly opposed to voluntary assisted dying, and are committed to the proper funding and availability of palliative care founded on the promotion of human dignity, human freedom and the common good