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“And a Good Friday Was Had by All”

“A few years ago I walked a set of The Stations of the Cross that had been erected in a farm paddock in the Hunter Valley. The day on which we walked it was hot, dry and dusty. Many of the participants were quite elderly; some were very unsteady on their feet…one of the participants stumbled and fell,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

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Bishop Cam Venables' Maundy Thursday 2024 poem

“The elements of THAT Thursday include a bowl and towel, and wine and bread, and the knowledge He said, ‘Whenever you do this…remember me’, before His plea to simply love…The appalling injustice of ‘Good Friday’ is not something from long ago, it is happening even now,” says Bishop Cam Venables in his Maundy Thursday poem

World War I English poet Wilfred Owen (Allex Langié, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

"Near Golgotha strolls many a priest"

“Seeing the Passion of Jesus as being played out in the everyday can heighten our response to those everyday situations. So the children of Gaza become one with the Holy Innocents and Christ loses limbs with Ukrainian soldiers. What are we called to do in response?” asks The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Dates & Seasons

Embracing a new beginning

“Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent present opportunities for us to make the same sort of return. They offer us the opportunity for reflection, sifting and renewal; they are constructed so as to offer us the opportunity to embrace new beginnings,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt


Well-versed St Aidan’s English teacher scoops major writers fellowship

As one of only three writers in the state to be awarded the prestigious Queensland Writers Fellowship, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School English and Literature teacher Brett Dionysius is an inspirational role model to the school community for pursuing one’s literary passions as he develops his next poetry collection

Justice & Advocacy

''Mother Earth''

“I will be giving thanks for the gift that First Nations knowledge has given me by helping me to understand the sense of connection I have to the place in which I was born and lived the first third of my life,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Justice & Advocacy

''Let Us Be Midwives!''

“After World War II the Geneva Conventions were developed in part to establish, as part of international law, that the bombing of civilian facilities is illegal. Russia is breaking this piece of international law on a daily basis in Ukraine,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt