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Reflections Irish poet, theologian and podcaster Pádraig Ó Tuama Reflections

Pádraig Ó Tuama: narrative theology

“Narrative theology is my favourite branch of the theological tree. In part this is because I am convinced that narratives are the best tool we have for capturing meaning, describing purpose and expressing identity. I support the view of American scholar Jack Niles who writes that we should have been called Homo narrans, the ‘story-telling primate’,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt


Mary Oliver

“A walk with Sophie would always be a slow walk, stopping every few steps to examine a flower or a stick or a bug…or the ants,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Films & TV


“A ‘benediction’ is a divine invocation for blessing or help. The film Benediction is also such a thing – a desperate and lingering cry for wholeness amidst some of the very worst that humanity can inflict upon itself,” says Jonathan Sargeant from St Francis College


Heaven found in ordinary

The Rev’d Dr Mark Oakley traces the significance of faith in the work of the Queen’s Poets Laureate: “Poets Laureate help us to see what Philip Larkin called ‘the million-petalled flower Of being here’. Thank God for that”


“Religion at its best is an expression of something that is deeply embedded in the human person”

“There seems to be an innate spirituality that has its origins in and expresses our essential humanity, which bubbles up when we get in touch with the source of our being. For me this helps to explain why the use of water is to be found in a wide range of religious practices and why buildings like St Paul’s in London, and St John’s here in Brisbane, draw into a prayerful stillness people who claim to have no faith,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt