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South Sudan

Video Bishop Daniel Abot standing under gum trees near a wooden cross Video

Bishop Daniel Abot’s Palm Sunday 2024 message

“I remember my first Palm Sunday. It was in 1987. I was fleeing to Ethiopia from South Sudan, along with thousands of other young boys and girls, to avoid being conscripted as a child soldier. Even though I was only 11 years old at the time, I knew it was Palm Sunday. Because we were fleeing on foot through the bush, the only way we could keep track of time was by the moon. We gathered under a shady tree in prayer to commemorate the special day,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

Children in class in the Catholic school in Gidel, a village in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. The area is controlled by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North, and frequently attacked by the military of Sudan. The church has sponsored schools and health care facilities throughout the war-torn region. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/Life on Earth

WCC signs joint ecumenical statement on Sudan

The World Council of Churches was among ecumenical organisations based in Africa and international partners that signed a 24 June joint statement on Sudan


650 Bishops, 550 spouses and 10 calls

“I left the UK in August with a renewed hope for the future of the Anglican Communion, and for the future of our Diocesan community. Reassuringly, most of the conference’s 10 Calls resonate with existing areas of focus and ministry in our Diocese,” says Bishop Cam Venables