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An intro to Holy Hermits Online

The Rev’d Jamee Callard tells us about the new online Christian community ‘Holy Hermits Online’, which has emerged from the ongoing needs of the COVID-19 environment: “We get together on Zoom once a week…We are named after the holy hermits of our Christian history – holy men and women who have lived remarkable lives…they all have one thing in common, their deep personal relationship with God was what formed them and enabled them to channel the Holy Spirit back out into the world, sometimes influencing whole countries…Hopefully their stories will inspire us in looking for God”


What have you seen?

“Might this culture of publicly saying ‘thank you’ be something that remains once COVID-19 passes. What would our world look like if such grateful messages endure beyond this time,” says Bishop John Roundhill on a new culture of gratitude he has seen emerging


How to host a Zoom trivia night

“It was wonderful seeing diverse parishioners join in with their family members and friends during the trivia evening, as people gathered in front of computer screens in studies or around smart TVs in living rooms,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from Resource Church St Andrew’s, Springfield, who also offers helpful tips and quiz resources for parishes keen to hold their own Zoom trivia nights


Encouraging our parish clergy through participation

“It is only through relationship that the Church is sustained, underlining the importance of participation in all those parish activities which nurture connection in these times; through online services, fellowship gatherings and Bible studies, telephone conversations, and letter writing,” says The Rev’d Sue Grimmett