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ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group

ACSQ DFV Project Officer Jenny Clark and The Rev'd Dr Gemma Dashwood with the Cathedral's red bench in November 2022 (the Red Bench Project is an initiative of the Red Rose Foundation)
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with new Diocesan DFV Project Officer, mother and active Brisbane community member, Jenny Clark

Meet Jenny Clark and find out about her 2023 work goals, her favourite scripture, what she does in her free time, what she would write on a billboard and her thoughts on the Voice to Parliament


“Let’s acknowledge the good news that domestic and family violence is preventable”

“My involvement in the domestic and family violence space began when my sister, Allison Baden-Clay, was murdered by her husband in April 2012. Her story shocked and gripped the nation. It resonated with people in the community and was in the media almost daily for months. At the time my family wondered why there was so much interest in Allison’s story,” says Vanessa Fowler OAM from St Paul’s, Ipswich and the ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group


National Anglican Family Violence Research Report released

The Standing Committee of the Anglican Church of Australia has made 10 Commitments to prevent and respond to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), after undertaking the first known Australian Church study into the prevalence of IPV within its faith community