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Generosity and grace…well-seasoned by wisdom

“Somehow in Christ we are called to a new way of relating that is deeply grounded in the relationship we have with God. It’s not the transactional: you do something to me or for me, and – in response – I do something to you or for you. Instead, I think we are called to proactive generosity and grace…well-seasoned by wisdom,” says Bishop Cam Venables in this recent homily

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Facilitating a COVID-19 activity review

“Leaders can be tempted to wait for a hypothetical point in the future in which we will be ʻback to normalʼ or in which things have at least stabilised…Waiting for an elusive reflection point will likely result in increased fatigue, diminished compliance, wasted resources, mission distraction, missed opportunity and reduced engagement,” says The Rev’d Adam Lowe from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, while providing helpful activity review resources for churches and ministries to use or adapt

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Small Church Essentials

“There is much in Karl Vaters’ Small Church Essentials that is helpful for the Australian context, particularly when you realise that in Vaters’ work a small church is anything smaller than 250 congregation members,” says Dr Stephen Harrison in his review of Vaters’ thought-provoking and encouraging book