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Dispatch from the Archdeacon of London

“COVID-19 has revealed again much that we like to hide from ourselves: inequalities, fears and inadequacies in so many aspects of our society. It has also revealed again the hope we proclaim. Civil society saw what we meant and recognised that we have something to offer without which it is itself impoverished and diminished,” says The Ven. Luke Miller, Archdeacon of London and honorary Chaplain to the Queen

"In my Ann St, Brisbane office I have a photo taken during my curacy of a church full of people, young and old. I cannot remember the particular occasion, but it is a powerful reminder of my roots, for curacies are also formative" (Bishop John Roundhill)

Three degrees of separation

“I just wonder what Bishop Walter Baddeley would have thought of this cleric who was trained at Cuddesdon and in Blackburn working with his grandson Bishop in Brisbane,” reflects Bishop John Roundhill


Working together to care for and support our clergy

“It only makes sense that if we want our whole Church to flourish, then we need to treat our clergy with sensitivity and respect, while taking simple and practical steps to care for, appreciate and collaboratively work alongside them,” says Executive Director of Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission Dr Stephen Harrison


My pub call to the priesthood

“It is amazing how God is able to work through the very ordinary, like a pub chat between two mates, to bring about the most extraordinary situations,” says The Rev’d Max Lambourne from St Alban’s Church, Wilston on his unexpected call to the priesthood


Meet a saint for our times – Evelyn Underhill

“In a time when the Church was very much a male-dominated institution (and eager to remain so) one can only imagine what it meant to women in the earlier half of the 20th century to have a spiritual guide like Evelyn,” says Cathedral parishioner Delroy Oberg on Evelyn Underhill, who is marked in our Lectionary on 15 June


Three Anglican priests, 10 siblings, a dog named ‘Satan’ and hundreds of letters

“Picture, if you will, a large extended family on holiday in Porlock, Somerset, in the south west of England. The date is August 1906 and the family have taken rooms at Birchanger Farm for a month where they have been enjoying excursions, bicycling, walking and bathing,” writes Frances Thompson following her discovery that the famous Bodleian Library holds hundreds of her family’s letters, dating back to the early 1900s