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Climate and creation care

Faith book reflections Michelle McDonald Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Michelle McDonald

“It took me by surprise when a book written by a statistician and economist turned my faith on its head. At the time, my faith was more centred on a personal relationship with Jesus, including personal prayer and personal salvation. This book led me to see that my faith would be richer if I balanced personal and communal relationships with God,” says anglican focus editor Michelle McDonald

The Rev'd Peter Moore with parishioners at Good Shepherd Anglican Church in Logan at the launch of the church's banner and action calling for climate protection in 2021
Justice & Advocacy

New ACSQ Sustainability Roadmap set to help our Diocese #MoveTheDate

“We already have the technology and knowledge to apply the brakes. And we as a community of believers and stewards of creation all have an important part to play to effectively #MoveTheDate back each year so the Earth has time to replenish the resources we use,” says The Rev’d Peter Moore, Chair of Angligreen