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Bishop Cam's 2023 message to secondary school students

“For 30 thousand years, and 12 hundred generations, stories have been told and have been passed on so that the community can understand why a hill is in a certain place; where water can be found when it’s dry; where it is safe to go, and when it is unsafe. Jesus often used story telling when teaching and two thousand years later many of his stories continue to resonate because we can relate to them,” says Bishop Cam Venables


Bishop Cam's 2023 message to primary school students

“I love visiting people who have lived on sheep and cattle properties for many years. They have learnt to care for the land and the animals they look after, which is brilliant…Even more brilliant are some of the Aboriginal elders I have met who have a much longer connection to Country, and a longer history of caring for the land. Knowledge has been passed on through older people telling younger people stories that explain what to do and where things are…Jesus used to tell stories and I’d like to share with you one of my favourites,” says Bishop Cam Venables


Bishop Cam's 2023 message to school staff

“The particular focus for schools this year is human dignity, for in recognising the dignity of all human beings we will inevitably be drawn to the work of peace making, and away from the easy path of division and conflict. Education is essential to creating this understanding of mutual dignity and respect in the hearts and minds of young people,” says Bishop Cam Venables