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First Nations peoples

Video People walking around on a Torres Strait island beach Video

Archbishop Jeremy Greaves on Torres Strait Islander 4MW (Meriba Wakai) Radio

“Seeing for myself just how serious the issue is in some places and the damage that has been done and the struggle for people to get people to listen and particularly Government to commit to proper funding to help with the…seawalls and sandbags and to do that properly…We saw the coastal erosion and heard stories about where the beach used to be and the houses that are no longer there because the land has become so eroded. In a couple of places we saw where the bones of ancestors had been washed out to sea,” says Archbishop Jeremy Greaves in his 4MW Radio interview with Aunty Jen Enosa

Archbishop-elect Jeremy Greaves being greeted by senior Saibai elder Aunty Dr Rose Elu in Kalaw Kawaw Ya at the entrance of St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane on Saturday 16 December 2023 when he was installed as the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Province of Queensland

Archbishop on way to Torres Strait Islands to witness climate change impacts

Archbishop Jeremy Greaves has today embarked on a tour of low-lying Torres Strait Islands to witness the impacts of climate change, with senior Saibai elder and NATSIAC executive member Aunty Dr Rose Elu accompanying him as a guide


"The first Easter I remember"

“As a community, after the Easter Day service we celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with a big kai kai (feast). People from all over the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea (which was then still administered by Australia) came via sailing canoes rather than by motor boats, bringing seafood, taro, sweet potato, casava, sago and other traditional foods. We then had traditional dancing with men wearing headdresses made of emu feathers and women wearing grass skirts,” says Uncle Milton Walit from NATSIAC and The Parish of Laidley

Dates & Seasons

Embracing a new beginning

“Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent present opportunities for us to make the same sort of return. They offer us the opportunity for reflection, sifting and renewal; they are constructed so as to offer us the opportunity to embrace new beginnings,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Homilies & Addresses

Human Rights Day 2023 address

“In short, Australia’s pursuit of unity and prosperity and willingness to subordinate human rights to achieve those ends raises serious questions about who we are and what we value,” said Prof Renee Jeffery in her 2023 Human Rights Day address on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights