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Sieving or straining?

“One recent challenging incident had a quick and positive outcome, as I employed nonviolent communication as a helpful tool to resolve a matter and build relationship with relatively new neighbours…I find that the nonviolent communication principles and process help me to put what I am thinking or about to say through a sieve,” says St Andrew’s, South Brisbane parishioner Liz Wellauer

"Most recently, I became part of a new group, Faith in Climate Action, appealing to rail company Aurizon to reduce their haulage of thermal coal. As well as some lovely liturgies and prayers, the dozen or so of us acted out an extended street theatre piece based on The Wizard of Oz" (Oscar Delaney)

Sowing seeds of change in the footsteps of courageous Christians

“As people of faith and in the tradition of other Christians who have engaged nonviolent approaches, we know that positive change is possible and we seek out the most measured, strategic and effective ways to communicate our message,” says St Andrew’s, South Brisbane parishioner Oscar Delaney


Calling out scapegoating and creating flourishing conditions

“So, my prayer for this year, as I practise peacemaking, is that I will be more effective at calling out scapegoating, better at challenging notions of redemptive violence and actively seek Jesus’ Third Way – I no longer want to regret not handling conflict situations as well as I could,” says the Anglican Schools Commission’s Mission and Education Advisor Vanessa Gamack