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Pilgrimage to the Waddananggu community

“I am very grateful to the Waddananggu community for welcoming me. It was such a privilege to be so welcomed to their Country and to learn about their culture and history. I felt empowered and humbled by their welcome. The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners make everyone an ‘us’ – they are inclusive of all even though they have been ‘othered’ since colonisation,” says Cathedral parishioner Angie Mooney

St Francis College Systemic Theology lecturer and Academic Dean Dr Peter Kline was awarded the ‘Charles Sturt University’s Most Productive Early Career Researcher’ late last year
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with St Francis College Academic Dean and lecturer, artist and father, Dr Peter Kline

Meet Peter Kline and find out about his recent Charles Sturt University award, his thoughts on “Being Together: Embracing Joy”, his hobbies and interests, the best advice he has ever received and what person of faith inspires him the most and why


What might church look like beyond…?

“Synod’s open space dialogues in 2019 served to start important conversations about the future of the Church. Within our Diocesan community, groups are continuing to use innovative approaches to dialogue, such as open space and talking circles, to explore important topics,” says Dr Stephen Harrison, as he tells us about an exciting early November open space event


Embracing the emerging future

“The study of history reminds us that crises can be situations from which opportunity emerges. As the old passes away or crumbles, new opportunities can begin to materialise. However, for those opportunities to be grasped we need to be able to acknowledge them…We need to notice what the Spirit is inviting us to see and to respond to,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt from Resource Church St John’s Cathedral