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Yet in the Dark Streets Shining

“The book’s evangelical authors write for an evangelical audience, including those in the US where a Christian Zionist ideology often holds sway. They also wish to share their story to a wider audience and in this they have succeeded. The story is one that will appeal to all streams within the Church,” says Helen Rainger from the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network

"The Gaza Strip is commonly known as the world’s largest open-air prison. Home to 2 million people in an area of land 45 kilometres long and 12 kilometres wide at its widest point, it is the third most densely populated region in the world" (Nils von Kalm)

"Palestinians in Gaza need the world to know what they are experiencing"

“Since 2007, the people of Gaza have had their land, sea and air illegally blockaded by Israel. The blockade constrains the movement of Palestinians outside of Gaza, impeding their access to basic necessities like healthcare. Additionally, unemployment sits at more than 40 percent, electricity is only available for about six hours per day, and 95 percent of the water is undrinkable,” says Nils von Kalm


“Each morning you must wake up and find your own hope”

“Daily life all over the world often revolves around work and food. Looking at the second photo, we see the work that this man does, growing strawberries for all to eat. Taken in Ramallah, this photo captured for me that element of life going on,” says Helen Rainger from the Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn


When not even home at night is safe for Palestinian children

“My Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel teammates were clearly upset when they came home one night after visiting a family in the West Bank town of Azun. As they debriefed with me, I learnt about the arrest of a 14-year-old Palestinian boy earlier that morning. This was the first time that we heard a firsthand account of Palestinian children being detained by the Israeli military, but sadly this wasn’t the last story that we documented in our roles as Ecumenical Accompaniers,” says Nell Potter from the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Network


Oh little town of Bethlehem

“In the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, Bethlehem was no doubt spoken of from every church pulpit the world over as people commemorated its significance in our salvation story. However, was Bethlehem only talked about in historical terms as it relates to the Biblical narrative or was there consideration given to the life infants are born into in current day Bethlehem?” asks PIEN’S Nell Potter in this season of Christmastide