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Palm Sunday

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Bishop John Roundhill’s Palm Sunday 2023 message

“In the late 1970s, Japanese Christian theologian, Kosuke Koyama’s book, Three Mile an Hour God was published. Jesus of Nazareth, who is God, walked at three miles per hour. God, who is love, walks at three miles per hour. Love has a speed, Koyama says, and that speed is slow. As we enter once again into Holy Week, what would our Holy Week be if more of it were at love’s speed?” asks Bishop John Roundhill

Wooden cross erected on Good Friday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, in the presence of Christian worshippers 2019 (Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC)

WCC provides resource to help people push for unimpeded access to Jerusalem during Easter celebrations

The World Council of Churches is providing resources – including a sample letter and ideas for distribution—that calls on the government of Israel and all governments worldwide to ensure unimpeded access to holy sites in the Jerusalem during upcoming Easter celebrations.


Bishop John Roundhill's Palm Sunday 2022 message

“A man called Bashkim had been walking for two days trying to get out of Kosovo after becoming separated from his family who had fled. At the side of the road he sees a torn photo, and upon picking it up discovers that the girl with fair hair and blue eyes pictured there is none other than his own daughter…Photo by photo, fragment by fragment he and 150 other men who had also been separated from their families were led up a trail into the mountains to be reunited with their families,” says Bishop John Roundhill, as he reflects on Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem