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Tough Questions: When will Jesus return?

“Jesus is going to return and we cannot know when, regardless of what is happening in the world around us. However, of crucial importance to us is our state of readiness, a subject that Jesus addressed at length and is the theme of at least four parables,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey from The Parish of Springfield

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“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it”

“Birds often give me solace, including a wedge-tailed eagle after the violent death of a cousin; encouragement from black cockatoos at the closing of a Kairos Outside prison ministry weekend; affirmation from bulbuls outside my house in Dodoma after my arrival and upon my departure,” says Marilyn Wright from St Bartholomew’s, Mt Gravatt, as the Season of Creation continues

Peter and Alison Moore walking along Blunder Creek in Forest Lake on Sunday 29 May 2022, picking up litter with their "104 or more" Brisbane City Council bags. Council has a community initiative encouraging everyone to pick up two pieces of litter per week, every week of the year, to keep 104 pieces of litter out of our streets, bushlands and waterways

Plastic pollution is a big problem that we can collectively take small steps to solve

“On my afternoon walks with my wife, Alison, we each carry a shoulder bag because along the track we find considerable litter – many chocolate wrappers, plastic bags, take-away cups and other items. We collect soft plastics in one bag and the hard plastic containers, cups and cans in the other, so they are not washed into the creek,” says The Rev’d Peter Moore as World Environment Day approaches

Homilies & Addresses

“I want to go through life loving God with my whole heart”

“All my life I have been going to church every Sunday. At first it seemed like the most boring thing in the world, but then I started to listen. I started to sing the hymns, I started to read along with the Psalms and ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and the Creed. Everything seemed to make sense, and the more I learnt about it, the more I realised how great it was,” said Katie Free from All Saints’, Cambooya during her recent Confirmation service


Celebrating World Fair Trade Day: benefits and resources

“Fair Trade helps support small-scale farmers, artisans and producers, like Gulshan and her community, to cultivate safer, healthier and more sustainable communities around the world. So by buying Fair Trade certified products you are part of an effective movement for change,” says The Rev’d John Martin from The Parish of Robina


Abide with me, fast falls the eventide

“As a curate in northern England 28 years ago, it was common to preside over two funerals a week. Such was the frequency of funerals that there was a shorthand phrase for the two most common hymns that were played during these services,” says Bishop John Roundhill, as he introduces readers to the new The Kingdom Come hymn, ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’

Homilies & Addresses

Synod sermon – Friday 24 September 2021

“As we gather for this Synod I wonder what ‘strange land’ you live in? As individual people, things happen in life that can cause us to feel lost, and in a strange land, and they include the experiences of love, grief, injury, disease, ageing, and unemployment…But collectively, as a denomination of Christian faith, I think there are at least three elements of ‘strange’ in the ‘land’ we currently live in,” said Bishop Cam Venables in his sermon during Friday night’s Cathedral Synod service