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Solomon Islands


Words of life for those on the Way

“In my study hangs another reminder of The Southern Cross vessel – the Australian Naval pennant from 1941 when the mission ship was requisitioned during World War II. While The Southern Cross was used mainly for troop and cargo transport, the naval pennant hanging in my study serves as a constant reminder of how we are able to use even the best of things for purposes for which they were never intended,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Donation-based crowdfunding: tips and resources

“Through our ‘St Claire’s Clinic Taraoniara’ GoFundMe campaign, we raised $5,627, with this money going towards two large water tanks and their installation, providing drinking water and sanitation for the small Solomon Islands clinic,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves, who also offer tips for successful donation-based crowdfunding


Building up of a better world

Bishop Jeremy Greaves reflects on the legacy of his grandfather, the Bishop of Melanesia during World War II: “The Solomon Islands are very different to the islands my grandfather left 72 years ago and while there is still work to be done with regards to ‘schools, hospitals, dispensaries and training centres’, there are also new challenges to be faced”