St John's Crisis Centre manager Dianne Kozik says there has been a massive increase in families and students, especially young Brazilian students, needing help

Anglican crisis centre to the rescue for stranded international visitors

St John’s Crisis Centre at Surfers Paradise has never been busier – and rarely has there been a greater need, with hundreds of international students and tourists largely replacing regular local clientele in need of food, support and care


Employment services are failing older Australians

“Instead of preparing to retire, many people are now selling their homes and spending their savings – nobody should be forced to retire into poverty,” says Acting Executive Director of Anglicare Australia Roland Manderson following the release of the Anglicare Australia Jobs Availability Snapshot


Budget a lost opportunity to tackle poverty

Anglicare Australia has called this Budget a lost opportunity to tackle poverty: “Emergency assistance charities stand to lose $5.7m a year from 2020. The Government has refused to take action on the expiry of that funding in this Budget. This comes on top of five years’ worth of cuts from social security and community services to the tune of $15 billion”