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Climate care

Features Tony Rinaudo teaching on FMNR Features

The Forest Maker’s hope for the future

“Even as a young boy, I felt sad at the sight of bare hills – at what had been lost. Without audible words, the land spoke to me. In its exposed brokenness, the land itself seemed to be grieving and crying out for help and restoration. As we drove, in my mind’s eye I was on those hills in my gumboots, shovel in hand, planting trees,” says Australian Anglican and agronomist Tony Rinaudo AM

"The Diocesan Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) Committee collects mint-condition and used stamps, and then sells them at auctions around Brisbane to raise money for ABM’ Sustainable Communities projects" (Sarah Gover)

Thousands raised for ABM projects through stamp donations

“I recently asked a couple, ‘Why do you buy stamps from Diocesan Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) auctions?’ and they replied, ‘Because of a trip to the tip.’ I couldn’t leave the conversation there. I had to know more, so I bought a cup of tea, and we sat down for a chat,” says Sarah Gover from the ACSQ Anglican Board of Mission committee and The Parish of North Pine


Church leaders’ Easter statement on the environment

Dozens of church leaders, including many whose communities have been directly affected by flooding and bushfires, have signed an open letter calling for government leaders to take effective action to protect our climate


What you can do to help on Australia's Overshoot Day

“I, like most shoppers, have often experienced supply shortages on supermarket shelves during the last two years. Sometimes this shortage was caused by people taking much more than they needed…Our planet is also experiencing supply problems. Humans are taking more from the planet than it can reproduce,” says The Rev’d Peter Moore, Chair of Angligreen


May Jesus hold us, comfort us and empower us

“It is easy to be overwhelmed by all that is going on. One temptation is to turn our backs on all the worries, throw off our masks and carelessly drink vodka. The other temptation, almost as alluring, is to engage in endless worry and adopt the doomscrolling phone habits that so many of us feel compelled to develop,” says Bishop John Roundhill