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Spotlight Q&A St John's Crisis Centre President Diann Eadeh with members of the Order of St John Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with St Margaret’s Old Girl, St John’s Crisis Centre President and Gold Coast Volunteer of the Year, Diann Eadeh

Meet Diann Eadeh and find out about her current projects and goals, her thoughts on NAIDOC Week and “Being Together: Embracing Joy”, how St Margaret’s helped equip her for a life of service, how St John’s Crisis Centre and St Peter’s, Southport are working together to support mothers and children, and what person of faith inspires her the most and why


Helping people to find hope and peace as a hospital chaplain

“Towards the end of our conversation, the patient said that he felt as though his faith had been awakened. He also looked physically different – when I arrived he looked disengaged and down, but when I left his bedside he was relaxed and smiling. Before I left, he asked to pray for me, which was profound,” says hospital chaplain The Rev’d Peter Mayen


Honouring my curacy pledge six years on because everyone has a right to live in peace and freedom

“The enduring memory I have of the sanctuary training is the sense of unity felt by people of all ages who came together, raising their voices for refugees whose voices were being ignored. The people who participated were from different faith and no faith backgrounds. I remember one young person saying to me, as we sat on the steps of the Cathedral, ‘If church was like this, I would be a part of it!’” says The Rev’d Sue Grimmett from St Andrew’s, Indooroopilly

Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Sandra Beck

“In 1975, I picked up a book while visiting a close Catholic friend. I asked her if I could borrow it, as it immediately spoke loudly to me. Months later, I said to her, ‘I’m sorry, you are not going to get that book back. I sent it to my mother (in England).’ My friend laughed, replying, ‘I’ve never been able to keep a copy of that book.’ I found that I, too, have been unable to keep a copy of it,” says Sandra Beck from St John’s Cathedral