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Thousands raised for ABM projects through stamp donations

“I recently asked a couple, ‘Why do you buy stamps from Diocesan Anglican Board of Mission (ABM) auctions?’ and they replied, ‘Because of a trip to the tip.’ I couldn’t leave the conversation there. I had to know more, so I bought a cup of tea, and we sat down for a chat,” says Sarah Gover from the ACSQ Anglican Board of Mission committee and The Parish of North Pine


Talking Circle gatherings to dialogue the implications of two 2020 Appellate Tribunal determinations

The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt and The Rev’d Michael Uptin invite the members of Anglican Church Southern Queensland parishes and ministries to forthcoming Talking Circle gatherings to dialogue the implications of two 2020 Appellate Tribunal determinations and opinions regarding the blessing of marriages between two people of the same gender


Defence Sunday: 7 November 2021

“Most of the soldiers, sailors and aviators to whom we minister are not aware of Jesus’ comfort, so it is the role of the chaplain to bring that calm sense of assurance to the many and varied situations ADF personnel face,” says Air Force chaplain, The Rev’d Michelle Philp


How one word divided the Church

“The Nicene Creed was originally written in Greek and translated into Latin…Over the next few centuries, an additional word crept into the Latin version of the Creed. We don’t know exactly how this unauthorised change occurred, but we do know that it caused enormous friction, anger and, eventually, what became known as the ‘Great Schism’,” says The Rev’d Dr Cathy Laufer, while offering a study guide for parishes so our community can take steps to repair the divisions in Christ’s Body


What might church look like beyond…?

“Synod’s open space dialogues in 2019 served to start important conversations about the future of the Church. Within our Diocesan community, groups are continuing to use innovative approaches to dialogue, such as open space and talking circles, to explore important topics,” says Dr Stephen Harrison, as he tells us about an exciting early November open space event


Youth Representative reflects on Synod with pride

“I feel proud to be part of, and to contribute to, a community with such a diverse array of perspectives and opinions. It is also a testament to the inclusive nature of the Church that we are unified under the goal of comprehensive Anglicanism by seeking to listen to everybody’s views in decision making,” says Northern Region Youth Synod Representative, Ewan Beach