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The blessings of joining Holy Hermits Online: growing and serving from the comfort of your own home

“The benefits of joining Holy Hermits Online vary from person to person, and include convenience, simplicity, flexibility and COVID-19 safety, especially for people in high-risk demographics. Unlike YouTube live streaming, Zoom allows those attending to be more actively engaged, as we interact as an online community and participate in services much like we do offline,” says Jeremy Fraser from Holy Hermits Online

Sister Wendy Beckett in 2018 (Photo credit: Catholic Herald)

Sister Wendy Beckett: hermit, nun, art historian and unlikely TV star

“As someone who has both studied and worked in the creative fields, I have always been interested in anything relating to the arts, especially if it combines spirituality with art. When I heard about Sister Wendy Beckett, long after her first BBC show Sister Wendy’s Odyssey started airing on TV, I was curious as to how a Roman Catholic ‘consecrated virgin’…who lived as a hermit could possibly be such a broadcasting success,” says Fleur Creed from Holy Hermits Online


Anthony of Egypt

“Recognised as the legendary pioneer of the desert Abbas (Fathers) and Ammas (Mothers), Anthony’s individual qualities and fervent humility enabled the desert movement to shift the patterns of Christian discipleship,” says The Rev’d Jamee Callard on Anthony of Egypt, while also inviting us to join her new Holy Hermits Online community in a nourishing ABM Lenten study