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Great expectations

“Not long ago I was at the door of a church greeting people as they made their way to the hall for morning tea after the service. A small girl was introduced to me by her granny, ‘And, this is Bishop Jeremy.’ The girl’s shoulders slumped and her face fell. She looked so disappointed. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘I thought he was God!’” shares Bishop Jeremy

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St Bart's Kids team: Sam's story

“Following Jesus for me means spending time with him and growing to know him…In my work, following Jesus means putting in the work to genuinely care for older people to help them move better and stay on their feet and put them at ease,” says St Bart’s Kids Sunday School team member and community physio, Sam Hoang

St Matthew's, Holland Park parishioner Randal Dennings with Kabi Kabi artist Pastor Max Conlon with the 'Birth of Jesus' (pictured at the centre of the altar) at a meditation morning in Kingscliff in late 2019

First Nations ‘icons’ – a portal to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Spiritualities

“The purpose of our recent meditation gathering was to create a space for reflection and learning using, as our ‘portal’, three magnificent paintings collectively depicted in the Bible Society’s ‘Christian Book of the Year 2017’, Our Mob, God’s Story, which features over 115 paintings by 65 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from around Australia,” says St Matthew’s, Holland Park parishioner, Randal Dennings