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"Liturgy is the work of making God our home – God having first made a home with us" (Dr Peter Kline)

Liturgy: Making God our home

“Liturgy, then, is not first and foremost about prayer books, or rituals, or religious spaces. All of these things are meant to make audible and visible a reality that is not captured or exhausted by any of them, namely, God’s love for our embodied existence – for our flesh. The challenge of enacting liturgy is to make God’s love tangible amidst actual people and the concreteness of their lived lives,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College


Bishop Cam Venables’ Christmas 2022 message

“If God became present two thousand years ago when regular people followed his leading, there is an implication that God will continue to do extraordinary things when regular people follow his leading today,” says Bishop Cam Venables, Archbishop’s Commissary


Advent candles: symbolism

“You will also notice, no doubt, the arrival of the brightly coloured Advent candles this weekend, usually arranged in a wreath. There are several traditions about the meaning or theme of each candle,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt from The Parishes of Nerang and Mudgeeraba


Great expectations

“Not long ago I was at the door of a church greeting people as they made their way to the hall for morning tea after the service. A small girl was introduced to me by her granny, ‘And, this is Bishop Jeremy.’ The girl’s shoulders slumped and her face fell. She looked so disappointed. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘I thought he was God!’” shares Bishop Jeremy