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Palestine of Jesus

Reflections Girl from a Bedouin village and Greg Reflections

"It is the people — rather than the places — who especially capture my heart"

There are so many places that resonate with history, identity and faith, but it is the people — rather than the places — who especially capture my heartLet me share the stories of meeting a handful of remarkable people over several decades of visiting, working and living in Palestine and its adjacent lands,” says The Rev’d Dr Greg Jenks 

23 November 2022, Bethlehem, Palestine: Christmas decorations are alit along Star Street in central Bethlehem, said to have been the road travelled by Mary and Joseph on their way through the city (Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC)

As Bethlehem prepares for Christmas, "it’s all about community"

As Christians around the world mark the Advent season, preparations are in full swing in the place where it all started, Bethlehem, to celebrate that one story that lies at the heart of all Christian traditions, as shown in this photo essay


John the Baptist: Jewish prophet, itinerant preacher and Christian saint

“While John the Baptist’s ascetic life isn’t attainable for a city-dwelling Holy Hermits Online member like myself, I am inspired by his life of simplicity, his call for people to be just and charitable and how his ministry emerged from a period of hermit-like solitude,” says Jeremy Fraser from Holy Hermits Online, as John the Baptist’s feast day approaches


"When you are Spirit-filled, people will know God’s word through you"

“God loved all the world so much that we were given God’s son, who saved all of us and then gave us his Spirit. The Spirit of Christ is with us – he gave us his Spirit at Pentecost. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, people will see your face, hear you talk and witness how you act and know the word of God through you,” says The Rev’d Hanna Dally, the Director of the Holy Family Episcopal Church in Reineh, Galilee