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Queensland Government's youth justice reform Bill is "racially prejudicial": Social Responsibilities Committee

“Given that Queensland’s incarceration rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is 33 times that of non-Indigenous children The Bill will impact Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in a grossly disproportionate way. We argue that The Bill therefore has racially prejudicial implications and will exacerbate and prolong the inter-generational trauma caused by assimilationist forcible removal policies (of the Stolen Generations); undermine self-determination; further alienate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families, cultures and communities; and, undermine gains made in Queensland’s Reconciliation processes and dialogues,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt, with The Rev’d Canon Bruce Boase

HISTORIC DECISION: Shania, Chair of Home Stretch Mr Paul McDonald, Marie and Jayke, who shared their stories of how they struggled when they had to leave care before the age of 18. This photo was taken in early 2022 during the New Farm cinema launch (Photo: Anglicare Southern Queensland)

Extended care until 21 "a game changer" for young people in care says Anglicare Southern Queensland

Anglicare Southern Queensland has this week welcomed the announcement from the State Government of funding for the needs of all young people in care up to age 21 so they can be better supported to transition into adulthood


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Anglicare Southern Queensland supports World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), which recognises the importance of the rights of older people, and prevention against mistreatment and harm occurring in their communities


#MakeIt21: Zoe's, Terrell's and Jayke's stories

Meet Zoe, Terrell and Jayke. In this video, they share the difference that support until the age of 21 might have made for them as young people in the foster care system. We’re asking the Queensland Government to extend support for young people in the foster care system to the age of 21, instead of only 18 or 19. With this additional support, young people coming out of the care system can get a better start in life


#MakeIt21: Jessie's and Jayden's stories

Jayden loves playing sport and wants to study at Bible college next year. Jessie has just graduated with a degree in Human Services. Having recently left care, Jayden has found the transition difficult. Extending support for care leavers to 21 could make a big impact on Jayden’s life. Jessie left care several years ago, but still remembers how difficult she found it. She’s frustrated that there hasn’t been a change yet, as she sees young people like her struggling with housing at a very young age. Anglicare is asking the Queensland Government to extend support for young people in out-of-home care to the age of 21


#MakeIt21: Shania's and Caleb's stories

Meet Shania and Caleb. Shania loves soccer and describes herself as a “science nerd”, and Caleb loves science and technology. As young people continuing their journey to adulthood, extending foster care to 21 would support them to learn the skills they need to transition into adulthood. We’re calling on the Queensland Government to listen to young people like Shania and Caleb and their real-world experiences by extending support for them until the age of 21