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St Augustine’s Church Hamilton

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Church war memorials: our Diocese’s legacy

“Erecting memorials after World War I was one way of helping people come to terms with their grief, as well as expressing gratitude for the sacrifice and courage of the Diggers who served. The size of the monument at the Ma Ma Creek church reflects the sheer scale of loss experienced by one local Anglican family, the Andrews family,” says Denzil Scrivens from St John’s Cathedral

Marian was ordained in 1995, but says she felt God’s calling back in 1980 at the age of 25

The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free reflects on 25 years since ordination

When The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free felt God calling her to the priesthood in the early 1980s, women could not be ordained in the Anglican Church in Australia. Despite this obstacle, she held fast to her call and mission, becoming a founding member of the Movement for the Ordination of Women in Brisbane