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Sudanese and South Sudanese community

Reflections Bishop Daniel Abot in Duk Reflections

Consultation and consensus: handing back the role of Bishop

“In my culture people have a collective consciousness. This means that I can’t make important decisions impacting my community alone. Just as I couldn’t refuse the role as Bishop, I couldn’t decide as an individual to resign from the role. In order to hand back the role of Bishop, I needed to travel to South Sudan for three months earlier this year so I could consult,” says Resource Church specialist Bishop Daniel Abot

“Education is very important” because we need to learn what we don’t know" (what South Sudanese elder Abraham Kiir would write on a billboard – he is pictured at the Roscoe library on 17 March 2022)
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with Dinka teacher, South Sudanese elder and St Paul’s, Ipswich parishioner, Abraham Kiir

Meet Abraham Kiir and find out about his exciting Dinka language projects, his thoughts on Being Together: Embracing Joy, his favourite scripture and Bible character, what Lent means to him and what he would write on a billboard and why


Coping with complexity

“Our community of faith ‘The Church’ has also become very complex. This leads to the call that as a community of faith we need to treat each other with more sensitivity, being very mindful and careful of what we say and do…Therefore, we need to be non-judgemental when our views do not align with the views of others around us,” says The Rev’d Rebecca King from The Parish of Yeronga and the Anglican Board of Mission