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Sudanese and South Sudanese community

International The Rev'd Rebecca King, lighting a candle at The Parish of Yeronga in August 2023 International

"Please pray — they will feel that prayer”

Members of our Diocesan community recently joined in a global ecumenical prayer vigil, hosted online by the World Council of Churches, which gathered clergy and lay people in solidarity, hope and lament for the people of Sudan who continue to suffer amidst the violent conflict — resources are available for online or in-person vigils

Homilies & Addresses

The Parish of Yeronga: centenary address

“There have been many amazing priests who have served as caretakers of our Lord’s home here at Christ Church, Yeronga. I think one should be remembered for his ability to serve our Lord with a significant disability. The Rev’d AW Gilbert had only one arm, but this did not deter him from any of his duties, including riding his bicycle around the parish back in 1923,” said Christ Church, Yeronga parishioner Mary Neeve in her recent centenary address

Justice & Advocacy

Prayers for people in Sudan and South Sudan

“I am writing this to ask anglican focus readers to pray for the people in Sudan who are in deep need, for South Sudanese people who are stuck at the border desperately trying to get home, for people in South Sudan who are also impacted, and for Sudanese and South Sudanese community members in Australia, including Anglicans in our Diocese, whose family members have been killed or are missing,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

Justice & Advocacy

Former refugee Bishop Daniel Abot supports Bill, calling for the evacuation of refugees warehoused offshore for 10 years

“The 150 people still held in Papua New Guinea and on Nauru did not have to spend 10 years there – successive Federal Governments have arbitrarily held them there. I respect all 150 of these people for their incredible courage and resilience. And, I pray for their speedy evacuation. The sooner they are evacuated and brought here, the sooner they will be able to begin recovering, both mentally and physically,” says Bishop Daniel Abot in his Senate inquiry submission