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Hillbrook students recycle school uniforms into desks and dog beds

As Hillbrook Anglican School sets the goal of becoming 90 per cent circular across its operations by 2030, three Hillbrook students tell us about how they have partnered with Worn Up to recycle school uniforms into desks and dog beds, while sharing tips on how other schools can improve their sustainability

National Schools’ Tree Day was celebrated by St Hilda's Pre-Prep girls in July 2021 by planting a lemon myrtle tree in the school's bush tucker garden (pictured are Madison D and Blaire M with Mrs Lisa Cleverly, Director of Pre-Preparatory)

St Hilda’s School creates outdoor spaces for community connection

“Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, St Hilda’s School hosted a ‘gardening bee’ to plant nine vegetable garden plots, hedge a labyrinth and create a bush tucker garden,” say St Hilda’s School Sustainability Prefects, Emily Knoesen, Sophee Watson and Korcula Cowan


Walk the Talk: free toolkit for churches

What if churches collectively applied their purchasing power to support products and companies that consider the wellbeing of communities and our planet? This free World Council of Churches toolkit aims to enthuse congregations through concrete examples of communities in action, as well as offer good practices and practical materials to “walk the talk” on economic and ecological justice


‘EV’ or ‘ICE’?

“Our EV car conveniently charges on a slow charge overnight in the garage using a simple charger that is provided with the car. No special plugs are required, as we just plug the charger into the wall socket in the garage and then the charger into the car…and the magic happens,” says The Rev’d Don Parker from St Peter’s, Southport


Agile and ambitious Flinders students upcycle old petrol vehicle

“This project has taught me to be an agile thinker and to come up with innovative ideas to solve problems. It has also taught me how to engage in real issues of sustainability and future power sources. I have also learnt about mentoring partnerships with representatives from local Sunshine Coast businesses,” says Year 12 Matthew Flinders Anglican College student Josh Poulton