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World War I

Reflections World War I poet Siegfried Sassoon in military uniform Reflections

“I knew a simple soldier boy”

“Siegfried Sassoon was an English soldier during World War I. Born into a wealthy Jewish family, before the war Siegfried lived the life of a member of the landed gentry…While fighting the war he was decorated for bravery because of his actions on the Western Front. He also became severely depressed as he came to terms with what war was like,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Chaplain The Ven. Rob Sutherland CSC beside a WW II memorial cross at St John’s Church, Gordon in 2015
Dates & Seasons

Defence Sunday — remembering with thankfulness and hope

“As a veteran and chaplain, I ask that on Defence Sunday people remember with thanks the sacrifice of those who served, suffered and died for us and their families; to commit to helping those wounded in body, mind and spirit; and, to pray for those who still serve in our name,” says Principal Chaplain, The Ven. Rob Sutherland CSC

People & History

Walking wounded in the sunlight

“Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy was one of the new breed of Church of England chaplains that arose during World War I. The new chaplains spent time with the regular soldiers instead of officers and found themselves transformed by the harsh realities of war,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Dates & Seasons

Church war memorials: our Diocese’s legacy

“Erecting memorials after World War I was one way of helping people come to terms with their grief, as well as expressing gratitude for the sacrifice and courage of the Diggers who served. The size of the monument at the Ma Ma Creek church reflects the sheer scale of loss experienced by one local Anglican family, the Andrews family,” says Denzil Scrivens from St John’s Cathedral