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Australia Day

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Change the date: being allies with our First Nations peoples

“As part of Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Reconciliation journey this year, for the first time Anglicare provided all staff with the choice to either take the Australia Day public holiday on 26 January or work that day and take another day off in lieu…The anniversary of this day for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represents a time to mourn, as their cultures, lives and families were devastated by colonisation”

Reflections Bishop Jeremy Greaves Reflections

Why I am taking a break from Twitter

“As a Bishop, and therefore a community leader, I needed to reflect upon the significance of perception, especially in a medium where the reach and scope for misunderstanding are wide. It was a salutary lesson for me about how I engage online,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves in the wake of the Prime Minister’s Australia Day remarks

To commemorate recent achievements by Australian soldiers at Gallipoli, Australia Day was first officially held on 30 July 1915 (Image courtesy of the Australian War Memorial)

‘Australia Day’, ‘Survival Day’ or ‘Invasion Day’?

“Given this history of Australia Day, it is surprising why so many are fiercely attached to the idea of 26 January being the date we celebrate ‘Australia Day’ together as a nation,” says Aunty Sandra King OAM


Former trailblazing model and new ACSQ RAP Coordinator receives prestigious Australia Day Honours award

Sandra King OAM has never worked for recognition, but her Australia Day Honours award is a testament to her hard work and love for the community. As an Aboriginal woman growing up in the 60s and 70s, Sandra’s journey was harder than most; however, her experiences and success have enabled her to become an integral part of our Diocese in its mission for unity with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities