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Opening our hearts and sparking joy this Advent

“Advent is more than about spending time with loved ones – it’s about spending time with those who are in need or different from us. A simple act of kindness directed towards another is bound to spark joy in both your life and the lives of others. Through Advent we find joy in the celebration of diversity and achieve this by opening our hearts,” say Cannon Hill Anglican College’s 2022 Spiritual Leaders, Oliver Cameron, Charlize Lacey and Zakary Myles-Hawkins

One of the ancient spiritual practices Year 11 CHAC students have enjoyed learning about is the use of prayer beads, including the history of how different faith traditions have used beads for meditation over the centuries

Anglican prayer beads: history and resources

CHAC’s Maria Thompson and Year 11 students Alice and Charlize tell us about the history of prayer beads and how they have embraced making unique Anglican prayer beads as they explore spirituality


Over 10% of CHAC graduates awarded OP1s

Cannon Hill Anglican College is delighted to announce that 10.8 percent of their 2019 Year 12 student cohort achieved an OP 1 and 47.3 percent of the cohort achieved an OP 1-5