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Clergy wellbeing

Reflections Reflections

Lightening the load: letting go of toxic guilt and old patterns of security

“Thus, professional supervision is a facilitated ‘taking notice’ of what is triggered up in you, the supervisee, in your workplace. Support interactions sometimes trigger up undealt-with issues of the clergyperson or lay minister doing the supporting. Supervision prevents these triggered reactions being loaded onto the supported. Consequently, supervision protects you the supported, and both organisations,” says Sr Catherine Hefferan rsm, a supervisor within the St Francis College program

Appointment Appointment

Rebecca McLean

Rebecca McLean has been appointed to the position of Wellbeing and Development Officer, Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission, and will commence in the role on Tuesday 6 April 2021. Rebecca will implement programs and initiatives that support clergy wellbeing and professional and ministerial development, including assisting with the roll out of the professional supervision program. Congratulations to Rebecca.


From 'Lost Boy of Sudan' to Bishop to counselling undergrad

“During my month-long trip, people in the Kenyan refugee camp thought that as I was returning from the Western world that I had everything to solve their problems, but I could not overcome the massive difficulties my people now had. As a result, I felt a huge burden of guilt! I recognised that I needed some help,” says Bishop Daniel Abot


Blessings from a nine-month long conversation

“I must say from the outset that Sr Catherine’s ministry to me as my professional supervisor was beyond any hopes I had entertained before especially given, as I’ve already intimated, my initial reluctance to take part,” says The Ven. Michael Faragher on his experience taking part in professional supervision


From Sanctuary to Zumba

“It’s been a bit of an adjustment to move from Sanctuary to pews, but this shift helped me to see that something that’s as clear as day to me as a clergyperson, may not be so to a layperson in the pews. This is something I have been thinking much about recently,” says The Rev’d Canon Ron Bundy