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Reflections Reflections

When did Jesus happen to you?

“…perhaps, a first step on the way back to amazement might be gratitude. We could start by giving thanks. We could start by naming before Jesus all those things we know to be ‘gifts’ in our lives…like the memory of a small boy almost trembling in anticipation and excitement about a waterslide ride with his dad,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall on his visit to St Margaret’s Anglican Church at Sandgate in August 2018, chatting with members of the Tongan Anglican Worshipping Community, The Rev’d Eleanor Mancini (second from left) and the Lo’amanu family, who welcomed the Ministry of the Word in the hospitable Tongan tradition of song and dance

Priest and bishop’s daughter translates liturgy into Tongan

“It is so important for people to worship in their vernacular because worship and life are the same. They are God’s gifts. We worship in the language that God has gifted us,” says The Rev’d Eleanor Mancini


Understanding Worship

“The conversations in the new St Francis College short course ‘Understanding Worship’ remind us why generations of Anglican Christians have found communal worship so rich and valuable,” says FormedFaith’s Fiona Hammond


The clergy call to prayer and compassion

“Our prayer is only meaningful if we act with compassion. This is evident in the way that our clergy have maintained close links with people in alternative ways in the COVID-19 environment. Telephone calls, emails, mailed letters, care packages and live streaming of services and events have made a world of difference to people who have felt anxious, isolated or lonely,” says The Ven. Keith Dean-Jones