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From DC Talk to Live on Mars

“Connecting with people through music is my favourite way of living out my faith in Jesus who told us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves,” says the Justice Unit’s Peter Branjerdporn in our continuing series ‘How my art intersects with my faith’

Anglicare SQ Maintenance Coordinator David Lefrancke literally went the extra mile recently when he flew his two-seater 2007 Czech Sport Aircraft to deliver much-needed supplies to Anglicare's Roma office: David is pictured here with Service Coordinator Tracey O’Brien.
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with Anglicare Maintenance Coordinator, pilot, former builder and gardener, David Lefrancke

Meet David Lefrancke and find out about his recent emergency trip to assist Anglicare nurses in Roma, why he loves his job, what he thinks about our churches’ responses to COVID-19’s challenges and what he would write on a billboard and why


Remembering who God is

“The turmoil and suffering of the present are real and cannot be diminished or denied; however, they are not the whole or the greatest truth. Beyond them, there is God and life and love…This is our faith,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall in this Easter reflection


Practising peacemaking through story telling

Last month, members of our Diocesan community gathered with Archbishop Phillip Aspinall to launch the 2020 Diocesan theme, ‘Being Together: Practising Peacemaking’ – find out what three of our community members shared in the service’s listening group activity