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Thank you, Anglicare Southern Queensland aged care staff!

“From across our services, we wanted to thank our aged care staff and those of our industry colleagues for showing up day after day to care for our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and relatives, and our community’s most vulnerable. It isn’t easy and it takes a special kind of person to care for older Queenslanders. To do so with love, care, and patience in such challenging times is a testament to the dedication and genuine compassion of aged care workers. Thank you. You are truly appreciated,” say Anglicare staff and Community Services Commission members

Homilies & Addresses Homilies & Addresses

Putting on Christ

“Every person who is baptised promises, or in the case of young children godparents promise on their behalf, to turn to Christ. They are signed with the sign of the cross to show that they are marked as Christ’s own forever. And they are called to Christian ministry, to serve Christ in the world,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


Today is ‘International Buy a Priest a Beer Day’

“Everyone likes to be appreciated for their contributions and hard work. And, our clergy work extremely hard to respond to their individual calls to ordained ministry, fulfilling a huge array of tasks. So, perhaps today, or another time this month, each of us can make contact with our clergy to show our thanks for all that they do,” says Dr Stephen Harrison from the Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission


What have you seen?

“Might this culture of publicly saying ‘thank you’ be something that remains once COVID-19 passes. What would our world look like if such grateful messages endure beyond this time,” says Bishop John Roundhill on a new culture of gratitude he has seen emerging