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Video Bishop Daniel Abot standing under gum trees near a wooden cross Video

Bishop Daniel Abot’s Palm Sunday 2024 message

“I remember my first Palm Sunday. It was in 1987. I was fleeing to Ethiopia from South Sudan, along with thousands of other young boys and girls, to avoid being conscripted as a child soldier. Even though I was only 11 years old at the time, I knew it was Palm Sunday. Because we were fleeing on foot through the bush, the only way we could keep track of time was by the moon. We gathered under a shady tree in prayer to commemorate the special day,” says Bishop Daniel Abot

"...we are holding an Open Space discussion on peace at St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane on Saturday, 2 March 2024, starting with a 9am Eucharist and the Open Space running between 9.45am and 2.30pm. All those interested in peace...are invited to help shape our responses and grow our learning, fellowship and faith in response to the Synod motion and to Christ’s teachings," (The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris)
Justice & Advocacy

Active peacemaking Synod motion

“We know as Christians our citizenship in God’s kingdom is demonstrated through the sharing and advocating of love, justice and peace for everybody,” says The Ven. Dr Lucy Morris

Justice & Advocacy

Community Refugee Sponsorship

“I have worked collaboratively with others to assist refugees settle in Australia since 2003 and have found it to be a significant way to honour the Gospel call to both ‘love neighbour’ and ‘welcome stranger’…and, I wonder if you have ever considered this?” asks Bishop Cam Venables