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From green trees to silver screens: how Tony Rinaudo’s incredible story made it to the movies with the help of an Academy Award-winning director

With the recent release of his documentary The Forest Maker, acclaimed Anglican agronomist Tony Rinaudo spoke with anglican focus about the making of the film, his experience changing lives in Africa through farmer-managed natural regeneration and his message about how we can contribute to a better planet as National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day approach

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The Forest Maker

The Forest Maker is a superb documentary well worth watching — a film about the positive legacy of faith and justice that draws the viewer into the struggle to enable local Africans to reclaim the land that is a part of their spiritual identity,” says Jonathan Sargeant from St Francis College

Australian agronomist Tony Rinaudo, speaker at the seminar "Caring for the Earth, Transforming Lives: Linking Faith & Natural Regeneration” at the Ecumenical centre in Geneva on 12 May, received the 2018 Right Livelihood Award for developing a technique that helps regrow trees in places where forests had been chopped down (Photo: Ivars Kupcis/WCC)

Environmental care driven by faith is core to Tony Rinaudo for Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

At a young age, Tony Rinaudo got angry at some of the environmental destruction while growing up in an agricultural region of the Owens Valley in Australia’s Victoria state and, driven by his faith, did something

Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Michelle McDonald

“It took me by surprise when a book written by a statistician and economist turned my faith on its head. At the time, my faith was more centred on a personal relationship with Jesus, including personal prayer and personal salvation. This book led me to see that my faith would be richer if I balanced personal and communal relationships with God,” says anglican focus editor Michelle McDonald

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Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

“The first image that comes into my mind whenever I think about the Lenten season is a deciduous tree – a tree that has no leaves on it that is preparing itself to regenerate new leaves, and with these, new life,” says The Rev’d Sam Sigamani from The Parish of Wynnum


Flinders students host first environment summit for Sunshine Coast Schools

Students with a passion for a greener, cleaner planet gathered for the inaugural Sunshine Coast Schools Environment Summit, which was recently hosted by Matthew Flinders Anglican College. The student-led summit was a great success, bringing together more than 40 like-minded, eco-conscious students from schools across the region